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Does a fully automatic washing machine dry clothes?


Fully automatic machines are modern marvels that allow us to wash our dirty and stained clothes in less time. In earlier times, people used to wash their clothes using their hands and traditional accessories, which were time-consuming and full of effort. But the introduction of washing machines changed everything, eliminated human efforts, and saved time. so, Does a fully automatic washing machine dry clothes? let’s check.

But only washing clothes is not enough; drying the clothes completely and making them wearable is also an important thing. Because during the rainy and winter season, the dull sun cannot dry the clothes. In such situations, people expect that their washing machines can wash clothes and dry them completely.

This will raise one of the most common questions in the minds of people, does a fully automatic washing machine dry clothes? As people invest a lot of money in buying a washing machine, they are usually looking for something that offers both washing and drying. Here is all you need to know.

Does a fully automatic washing machine dry clothes?

This is the biggest myth in people’s minds, who think that fully automatic washing machines dry clothes completely. The mechanism of the washing machines is simple. The revolving drum is capable of eliminating 70% of water in every spin. The rest of the water is removed by keeping the clothes in direct sunlight. This will also kill bacteria and germs.

Modern washing machines, also known as fully automatic washing machines, have a single chamber for washing and drying. You just need to eliminate the water and choose the mode accordingly. At the same time, the old washing machine has a separate chamber for both activities.

Why is there a single chamber in fully automatic washing machines?

The old model of washing machine has a single chamber to perform washing and drying. This has several advantages you will get less space for washing and drying, it takes a lot of time, and less-effective washing than drying. As a solution, single-chambered washing machines are introduced. There is only a compartment for both washing and drying.

All you need to know is just fill the machine with water, add detergents and perform the washing. For drying, empty the compartment and put in the washed clothes; after changing the mode from washing to drying, the drum will spin fast and eliminate about 70-75% of the water. The rest of the water can be discarded by keeping it in direct sunlight.

Why is it necessary to expose clothes to direct sunlight?

The fully automatic washing matches can climate about 75% of the water, and the rest of the water can be eliminated by exposing them to direct sunlight. This is important not only for drying clothes but also for killing harmful bacteria and microbes from the clothes. Make sure to keep the clothes after direct sunlight.

But most people have a common question: during the winter and rainy seasons, they cannot keep their clothes in sunlight. There is an alternative in which you require a dryer. You can buy the dryer online. It will take some more money and consume extra space in the room but will 100% dry the clothes along with killing bacteria and microbes using UV rays.

Does a fully automatic washing machine dry clothes?

Things to keep in mind while drying the clothes in fully automatic washing machines? 

A dryer will help you to get 100% free from wet clothes. Washing. Also, there is no need for sunlight exposure. But there are a few things that you have to ensure while performing the drying in washing machines. Here are some of them:

Check the type of cloth before washing.

Before keeping your clothes in the dryer, look for the care label. Some clothes are not meant to dry in a dryer. They can be dried only in direct sunlight. If you do so, they will get damaged.

Ensure proper techniques

Some people need to keep the whole bundle of garments in the dryer for drying. This is a toxic thing that can cause damage to both tour clothes and dryers. Make sure to keep your clothes one by one separately. It will also deliver the best and most effective results.

Occasionally clean the fluff filter. 

After a few drying in the dryer, the lint started to form into your fluff filter, and you need to clean it occasionally. We recommend you clean it after a month for better results.

Choose the adequate mode. 

Not every piece of clothing are same, every cloth is made up of different fabrics and materials, and fully automatic washing machines offer several modes for all types of clothes. Make sure to know the type of clothes you are going to wash and choose the mode accordingly. This will offer a gentle drying process as per the needs and requirements of that particular fabric. The false mode can damage the fabrics.

Choose a Dryer of the same size. 

If you are using a tumble dryer, then make sure to choose a dryer of the same size as that of the washing chamber. This will allow you to perform the drying effectively and vastly. If they are not the same size, prepare the equivalent batches of the clothes and then perform washing as drying respectively. You can go for fully automatic washing machines to get rid of such efforts and save a lot of time. In these machines, you will also get a single chamber for washing and drying.

Unbutton the shirts and close the Zippers. 

Keep in mind to close the zipper and unbutton the shorts before putting them in the dryer. As the drum of the dryer spins, these small accessories will break and get stuck into the drum. This will damage the dryer, and you need to invest money to repair it.


The technology keeps evolving and offers better machines like fully automatic washing machines. They have a single component for both washing and drying. You are not supposed to buy them separately. That will save money and space in the room as well. So this concludes our discussion on Does a fully automatic washing machine dry clothes.

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